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Airbrush Tanning


Airbrush tanning is a revolutionary way to get a natural looking sun-kissed tan without UV damage caused by the sun. It is not a dye. It is a natural sugar by product approved by the FDA. It does not protect your skin against the sun. Wear sunscreen. We suggest you shave at least ten hours before application. Wear loose clothing and no moisturizer, deodorant or lotions. Exfoliate before you come for longer lasting results. Allow eight to ten hours for your tan to completely develop before you shower.

Preparing for Your Airbrush Tan

  • Exfoliate well a few days before if possible, especially if you are prone to dry skin, and moisturize well for a week before. DO NOT MOISTURIZE on the day you come in for your tan. Exfoliation is a crucial element to achieving an even and longer lasting airbrush tan.

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Maintaining Your Airbrush Tan

  • Give your tan about 8 to 12 hours before showering, exercising or otherwise getting wet. Do not be surprised when you see the color guide (cosmetic bronzer) of the solution wash down the drain - it is NOT your tan. Your own natural sun kissed tan will be underneath.

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Things That Affect the Length of Your Tan

    • Skin condition

      Some people have dryer skin and flake a lot, some don't. Oily skin will retain a tan longer than dry skin.

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  • Get in the habit of moisturizing your skin morning and night between tanning sessions.

  • The time of year will affect your skin, and therefore, your tan. As your skin changes with the seasons, you will need to keep dry skin moisturized.

  • Long hot baths or showers are death to tans (but great for preparing to exfoliate). The skin soaks and softens with length of time exposed and speeds up the exfoliation process.

Healing Extremely Dry Skin

    • Get your Omegas

      Incorporating the essential fatty acids omega 3 and omega 6 into the cell membranes is one way to combat dry skin. You can take a supplement or get them through foods.

    • Use a Good Moisturizing Cleanser.

      Some ingredients are much harsher than others.

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Removing the Tan

If you did not exfoliate well, had dry patches or your tan is at the end of its life, you may want to get it off. Here are a few tips.


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